#MeetTheMentor: Yogesh Raje

Meet this week’s mentor: Yogesh Raje.

Based in Dubai, Yogesh is Head of Innovation at KLME.

What is your area of expertise and how did you get into the field?

My area of expertise is Innovation and Business Transformation Solutions Design / Implementation. I have been in Supply Chain Management for the last 25 years and my current role is a culmination of many aspects of my professional life that helped me to understand Creativity as my key strength.

My background is in Supply Chain Management and I am a Supply Chain Engineer with credentials in Management, Fintech, Sales Management, e-commerce and Blockchain. I have worked with some of the major MNC organizations in the SCM area such as UPS SCS, Maersk, Agility, Ohm and currently I head the Kerry Innovation Hub.

What is your motivation for mentoring/Why did you decide to mentor? 

My personal journey of which has including successes and failures has helped me to understand the vitality of Mentoring. This was precisely my reason to Mentor.

Have you previously done mentoring work? Where?

Yes, with Startupbootcamp Fintech, Intelak, Area 2071, Kerry Innovation Hub, Ohm Engineering.

Were you mentored in your career? If so, what impact did this have on you?

Yes, I have been blessed to have had some amazing Mentors who have helped me in my thought process and action achievements. It helped me steer my path and understand that success is a collaborative path.

What do you wish to gain from mentoring startups? 

The satisfaction of contributing and the happiness of being a part of an achievement by guiding a team to success higher than planned. Of course gains are equally important but they have to be strategic.

Tell us about the startups with SBC that you are mentoring. How are you excited to help them throughout their journey in the Accelerator program? 

I am excited to mentor these startups as all of them are uniquely gifted in their own ways. It would be unfair to decide who is the best, as literally everyone are. What amazes me is the clarity and positive thinking that exists in this cohort. I am in absolute faith that this cohort will be a winning one in many aspects.

Who/what inspires you?

My mother has been my biggest inspiration. She was born blind and fiercely and doggedly lived a life of highest standards without letting the impediment ever be a challenge instead turning it into an opportunity. She taught me to be innovative with life. Equally my wife is an inspiration who constantly engages in thinking out of the box and often just destroying the box. And last but not least, my cat shows me that even animals are innovative by the ingenious ways he figures out ways to get attention and food.

Anything else you would like to add/share?

Let’s get going and make sure the cohort develops into a bunch of successful entrepreneurs!


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