Dubai Smart City – Startup of The Week: CloudParc


Our startup of the week is CloudParc. The CloudParc software platform uses advanced computer vision and artificial intelligence to automate parking in real time, streamline processes, increase revenues and lower costs.  CloudParc also collects real-time traffic, street, and incident data, and provides smart transportation, security/surveillance, infrastructure maintenance, private intelligence, and many other smart city applications through the CloudParc API.

CloudParc was founded by Steven Neyaroff (Hyperlink) in 2013 and its portfolio includes 22 issued US Patents, 6 issued and 46 pending international patents.

Dana Klein, the chief commercial officer of CloudParc gave us a few insights of CloudParc’s formation and journey.

Dana, What is CloudParc exactly? How does it work?
CloudParc uses smart software and cameras to automate parking, streamline operations, increase revenues, and lower costs.

How did you/the founders come up with the idea?
Our Founder Steven Neyaroff was in a coffee shop in New York one hot summer day. He was looking out the window and saw a meter reader going meter by meter, reading them, and writing tickets.  He wondered why this wasn’t an automated process and why someone had to suffer so in the heat. He went home and started writing the patents that day.

What is the biggest pain you are addressing and what is your value proposition for them?
Parking is the biggest pain.  It’s inefficient and expensive.  CloudParc offers a customized, all in one 24/7 solution for automatic, real-time, and exact metering, pricing, payments, and violation capture with seamless integration.

Tell us a bit about you and your team.
Our Founder and Chairman of the Board is Steven Neyaroff, co-creator of Ethereum
Our Vice Chairman is Jeff Pulver the Founder of Vonage also know as “Father of VoIP” for the work he did on writing the protocol.
Kam Ghaffarian is another active Board Member.  He builds space stations for the US Federal Government.
Keith Coe is our CEO and best known for public private partnerships.
Our CTO Tom Wong is a seasoned professional in municipal rollouts.
The Chief Commercial Officer Dana Klein is well versed in business development and public relations.

What are the milestones CloudParc has achieved and how do you see the future of your company after the Demo Day?
We have a successful Alpha and Beta and are installing MVPs with Fujitsu and other partners. We have demo sites in New York and California, and strong international interest in Mexico and Dubai.  We currently have 30 projects in our pipeline.
In Dubai, CloudParc has secured several strategic partners and begun writing proposals.  We hope to secure a commercial pilot before demo day and have a rollout shortly thereafter.

Where are you currently based?
We are based at the DTEC center in conjunction with the Startupbootcamp.  We have a US headquarters in Great Neck, New York, USA and an office in South Florida, USA.

Why did you apply to the Startupbootcamp program?
We applied because Dubai will be the smartest city in the world.  That focus aligns with our goals and objectives. We are the “missing link between parking, transportation, and infrastructure” and therefore very important to a new world of smart mobility and development.

What was the most significant lesson learned during the program?
The most important thing I have learned thus far is business modeling.  It helped me fine tune our message and understand our customers better. In turn, that allowed me to understand our business better in order to make better choices in marketing, branding, and operations.

What is your vision for the future of your company?
We will be rolled out in Dubai and other parts of the UAE.  We intend to also be rolled out in parts of Europe and North America.

Any Final words of wisdom?
Get into the Smart City Dubai Startupbootcamp!

For more information about CloudParc, visit their website.

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